Brief Info
The J-OMS Multi-function Mobile Scale is the latest multi-function mobile scale developed by Jadever till date. It uses android mobile phone, AIO or tabletvia bluetooth or WIFI as display terminals. J-OMS has the capabilities below:
  • Simultaneous connection of multiple weighing platforms
  • New weighing device can be operated without re-calibration (e.g. able to use a new mobile device for weighing without re-calibration)
  • Weighing and Counting switch modes
  • Dock & Unify ERP systems (SAP, UFIDA etc.), Batching systems and other systems
  • Label function (allows users to freely design label templates)
  • Multilingual support

In all the J-OMS is able to provide users with more high quality weighing experience, making the operations more intelligent and efficient.
See video page for introduction video.

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