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Moisture Analyzer

ACZET MB_Moisture Analyzer

The uncompromising & sophisticated halogen ACZET Moisture Analyzer with innumerable features & extensive data storage ability. With ACZET Moisture Analyzer you can achieve higher productivity without compromising on quality in your daily business challenges, since it is DIVERSE and can be programmed according to the individual needs of the person. No matter if user is from quality assurance, manufacturing or R&D. Built-in application program other than basic weighing ease your routine lab work like,

  • Statistics - This can display and print statistics for the last 9999 measurements based on each Method or Batch making this ideal intelligent instrument for R&D and Production both.
  • Memory of each Moisture Determination - MB stores last 1000 moisture determination, so you can almost recall your work even after months, this make it UNIQUE and DEPENDABLE, no other instrument can offer this.
  • Password Protection - Prevents the unauthorized access to the stored data & alterations of the parameters thus ensuring its security
  • ISO/GLP Compliance Print-Out - Identify how, when & who performed the moisture determination. Highly flexible user configurable print format with 4 user ID makes it customized yet traceable document in compliance to SOP's and GLP regulation making MB series most acceptable in each industry. Every successful calibration is been tracked and record with incremental numbers also last successful calibration report stored in memory makes it even more flexible and convenient.
  • Method Storage - Allow the user to store 25 moisture determination results in each method, user can store such 40 methods. Method wise storage is suitable for application in R&D or Quality Assurance where there are more number of different product (samples) to be analyzed.
  • Batch Storage - Allow user to create 100 batches & store maximum 1000 data with no restriction on the data storage per batch. Batch wise storage is suitable for application in production where there are more numbers of samples to be analyzed for the same product.
  • Connectivity -Equipped with USB and RS232 interfaces whic conveniently transfer your data to your PC and continue working on it or print it out directly on Aczet CPR 02 statistic printer.
  • Graph -Graphical display, user can view auto updating graph of the drying process with the change in the moisture level.
  • Traceable Sample Identification - Graphical display with alpha numeric keypad and PS2 keyboard made user interface very easy for defining user specific text for each sample.

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