Digital Weighing Indicator

//Digital Weighing Indicator

Digital Indicator


The JIK-4 series by JADEVER® is a waterproof indicator with stainless steel housing that boost a variety of functions commonly used across the board. This indicator is ideal for applications in production, packaging, warehouse, shipping and receiving areas. The capabilities of the JIK-4 series model include:
  • Large LCD display with greenlight backlight, makes it easier for users to read measurements
  • Zero / Tare / Weighing value to save / Simple Counting / Net / Gross / Check-Weighing functions
  • Special charging indicator lamp with low power warning and auto shut-off for power saving
  • Optional RS-232 interface, PC / Printer as an external device
  • Zero range can be adjusted automatically & software filtering function is available. Weighing reaction time can be adjusted to suit various conditions ).

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The JIK-6 series by JADEVER® is OIML certified and comes in 2 models namely JIK-6CAB & JIK-6CSB. The capabilities of the 2 models include:
  • Dual channel as a standard feature for JIK-8 (connection tolarger platforms and floor scales)
  • Zero / Tare / Weighing / Simple Counting / Percent Weighing / Net / Gross / Accumulation / Serial No. / Check-Weighing functions
  • Auto shut off for power saving
  • Optional RS-232+Relay Interface for Printer or Tower Light or PLC application
  • Optional Plug-and-Play U-Key (Wired) / (Bluetooth) device for weighing data exporting to PC (drivers installation not needed).
The JIK weighing indicator series is suitable for applications thatrequire multiple functions, rugged construction, comprehensive yet intuitive software and multiple connectivity options.

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The JWI--3000W entry-level weighing indicator by JADEVER®is built with high-impact durable ABS housing. Other capabilities include:
  • Adjustable capacities, resolutions and parameters
  • Zero / Tare / Weighing / Simple counting / Peak hold / Check quantity / Accumulation / Net weight display / Gross weight display / Check weighing functions
  • Auto shut off for power saving
  • Can be install with various sizes of platform bases
  • Optional RS-232+RTC+Relay Interface, Plug-and-Play U-Key (Wired) / (Bluetooth) device
Ideal applications include Production, Packaging, Warehousing, Inventory, Shipping and Receiving areas.

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