Customised Weighing Solutions

Scale-Tech Global aims to be the leader of innovative weighing solutions that provides our clients an edge. Our Company focuses on the problem and provides an overall effective solution. Potential clients can contact us for a consultation session.

Pictures below showcases the various customised weighing solutions we have provided to our clients.

Basic customised weighing solution comprises of tablet (indicator), printer and large indicator display

Customised tablet indicator (portable) with OMS module in stainless steel holder

Customised stainless steel enclosure for housing platform scale and OMS module, connecting to printer and tower light indicator

Customised stainless steel box-up enclosure to house tablets (indicator) and OMS modules

Customised holder for weighing indicator and printer on client’s wrapper packing machine

Customised platform stand & Roller Top for weighing platform base

Speed Adjustable Semi-Automated Weighing Platform with Roller Top Base